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Billion Dreams is more than just an event; it’s a transformative platform designed to help talented professionals, part of the Indian diaspora from around the world, explore opportunities in their motherland.

Interact one-on-one with Unicorns, Tech Startups, and Leading Tech Organizations who are shaping the New India.

Be a part of this celebration of aspirations, reconnect with your roots, unlock your fullest potential, and give back to the place where your heart lies.

  • India's Tech Sector On Track to Hit $500 Bn by 2030
  • $5 Trillion Economy by 2030 
  • 27,000+ Active Tech Startups, 147 Unicorns 
  • 3rd Largest Startup Ecosystem in the World
  • Fastest-Growing Digital Economy 
  • $258.76 Billion FDI Inflows in 5 Years 
  • 2 Million+  Data Science & AI Vacancies 
  • 30 Million+ Emerging Tech Vacancies  
  • 81% of Indian Companies are Facing a Shortage of
    Skilled Tech Talent 

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Data Science

Artificial Intelligence

Machine Learning

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Quantum Computing

Internet of Things

Chip Design



Augmented Reality

Virtual Reality

Natural Language Processing



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GTX's proactive approach impressed me greatly. Within just two weeks of my job search, they reached out to me, providing comprehensive information about Celigo, the job requirements, and more. The point of contact (POC) patiently addressed all my questions and didn't shy away from discussing crucial aspects like pay and benefits. GTX acted as a reliable intermediary, maintaining my motivation and interest. Even after receiving the offer letter, the team maintained regular contact to ensure my comfort and satisfaction. Overall, the recruitment process was characterized by transparency and clarity.

Chinna Tamatam

Software QA Lead- Celigo

I had a great experience with GTX. Their team provided me with thorough details, understanding that it's difficult for me to ask all the questions at once for such a role. The GTX recruiter was incredibly patient and addressed all my queries, making me feel comfortable and at ease. Having all the necessary information made the career transition less stressful for me. The team went above and beyond to assist me in every possible way.

Phani Nandula

Staff Engineer (Data science and machine learning),Micron Technology

Throughout the entire process, from initial contact to my relocation back to India, GTX proved to be incredibly helpful. The recruiter guided me through understanding the job title, requirements, and company profile. Despite this being during Diwali, they made efforts to ensure smooth communication. Once connected with Micron, I felt an instant connection. GTX made my life easier by considering my schedule and time zone and scheduling meetings that were convenient for both parties. Their active involvement and consistent follow-up demonstrated their dedication. I genuinely appreciate their efforts.

Sadanand Singh

Principal Research Scientist- Micron India

I discovered GTX through an email and learned about their virtual career fair, 'Billion Dreams,' which proved to be immensely valuable. What impressed me the most about the GTX team was their consistent effort to maintain communication and connect candidates with suitable opportunities and contacts. The process was highly organized, and I particularly appreciated the convenience of a single portal for job search. It's commendable to see GTX expanding their network of partner companies, showcasing their growth.

Urvish Mahida

Technical Lead

The entire process with GTX was incredibly smooth, thanks to the team's diligent follow-ups. The point of contact ensured my comfort throughout and exhibited exceptional patience. She provided me with the necessary information and ensured I had the job description. Transparency was a key aspect of the process, as she communicated what to expect at each stage of the interview process, guided me on preparation, and provided a timeframe for responses. The team did an excellent job with seamless communication and an efficient transition process. This allowed me to perform at my best, making it an awesome experience as a whole.

Nilesh Kumar

Senior Product Manager- Celigo

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